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In 2022, we’ll be bringing you ducks and geese from MeatEater like you’ve never seen before. More hunting content, more education ranging from beginner to expert, new and important voices, two dedicated video series, and some great recipes. We will also be diving into First Lite’s new waterfowl systems, showing both design features and in-the-field application.
- Sean Weaver

Meet the Crew

Waterfowl Crew Sean
Sean Weaver
South Dakota

Originally from Iowa, but followed ducks to South Dakota—where he now calls home. Before joining MeatEater, he was a hunting guide, photographer, television producer, and writer. If you find him in the wild, chances are there’s water and waterfowl nearby.

Waterfowl Crew Cal
Ryan Callaghan

Cal is MeatEater's Director of Conservation, the host of the Cal’s Week In Review podcast and is a national board member of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers. He’s long been a passionate member of the outdoor community, having grown up hunting and fishing, guiding, and playing in the West.

Waterfowl Crew Jean-Paul
Jean-Paul Bourgeois

Born and raised in southern Louisiana, Chef Jean-Paul Bourgeois spent his childhood surrounded by family, friends, and great southern cooking. His mission is focused on honoring and celebrating humble beginning experiences with others.

Waterfowl Crew Steve
Steven Rinella

MeatEater’s founder and host of the Netflix Original series MeatEater and The MeatEater Podcast. Steve is also the author of six books dealing with wildlife, hunting, fishing and wild game cooking, including the bestselling MeatEater Fish and Game Cookbook and MeatEater’s Guide To Wilderness Survival.

Duck Lore Season 1

Introducing Duck Lore, MeatEater’s first original Waterfowl series featuring Sean Weaver. Come along as we hunt ducks from Texas to Washington and everywhere in between.
Duck hunters, including myself, love to tell stories about hitting the migration just right and limiting out. However, that’s not always reality. Duck hunting is hard work, and birds on a strap are only part of the experience. The real story is one of trial and error, broken gear, and a life of learning all things waterfowl. Of course, we all want to go home with some birds, but limits aren’t what keep duck hunting alive, and that’s what I’m going to talk about.
- Sean Weaver

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Some of our most popular waterfowl content.

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Waterfowl Sean Weaver
Waterfowl Drake Mallard
Waterfowl Cal
Waterfowl FHF Gear
Coming Summer 2022

First Lite Waterfowl Gear

Every avid waterfowler demands two primary things from their gear; it has to be dry and it has to be durable. This is why we will be expanding our gear content and showing you what Sean and his crew use for each hunt and why. We will also be breaking down some of the most important features in First Lite’s Typha gear and how it functioned for us throughout all the conditions we endured.
This gear is waterproof and tough enough to wear into the blind, use as a dog bed all day, then throw back on and get home warm and dry. I even packed my frozen ducks home inside that parka and they stayed frozen for an easy 10 hours.
- Ryan Callaghan
Waterfowl Gear Waterfowl Rain Gear
Waterfowl Gear Pack
We haven't held back one bit this season. From conservation stories to videos of mallards fluttering over the blocks, there's something for every waterfowler here.
- Sean Weaver
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