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Transfer Pack
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First Lite
The Transfer Pack is the Whitetail hunter’s workhorse. Purposefully engineered to efficiently pack and unpack every piece of gear you’ll need in the woods, including a tree stand, climbing sticks, and your bow. The Transfer Pack's versatility is perfect for anyone hunting out of a saddle or a tree stand, as its bucket-style design and multiple hanging configurations allow the hunter complete access to extra stowed gear and accessories throughout...
Steep Country Knife
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A versatile fixed-blade capable of performing throughout any season, on any species.
Phantom Elite Saddle Kit
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Our best-selling tree saddle is now in our very own First Lite® Specter® camo, plus comes with two special edition SYS Haulers and an MVP. Our friends at Tethrd Nation have created the ultimate solution for all-day effortless comfort in an ultra-light package. Try the Phantom and see just why Clay Newcomb and Mark Kenyon wouldn't be caught in a tree without it. As the result of over 3 years of testing, research, and development, the XL saddle is...
F*cked-Up Old Taxidermy Calendar
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MeatEater Store
A 2023 calendar with 12 months, 365 days, and a bunch of F*cked-Up Old Taxidermy.
Phelps EZ SUK'R
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Meet the new, patent-pending cow and calf call from Phelps Game Calls that uses inhale technology to produce crisp and clear sounds every time.  Features a replaceable voice module.
Diamondback HD Binoculars 10x42
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Vortex Optics
Rock-solid optic that optically punches high above its class.

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Boating for Public Land Whitetails

Deer Country S01 E05 Oct 4, 2022

Boating for Public Land Whitetails
Mark heads to the public lands and waters of Alabama to learn how to hunt southern public land whitetails by boat. He'll have one day to study under water access specialist Parker McDonald and then he'll head off on his own to see if he can kill a deep south buck himself.
Heritage is a Hand Me Down

Duck Camp Dinners S02 E08 Sep 30, 2022

Heritage is a Hand Me Down
The Duck Camp Dinners crew is back in the bayous as Jean-Paul wraps up his last hunt of the season before the birth of his son. Jean-Paul shares a duck recipe handed down by his father, the crew forages for wild mushrooms, gets into swarms of blue wing teal, and closes out the season in celebration
Big Woods Buck Tracking

Deer Country S01 E04 Sep 27, 2022

Big Woods Buck Tracking
Mark heads north to the big woods of Maine to study the art of tracking deer in the snow with living legend Hal Blood. He’ll get one day to follow in Hal’s footsteps and then he’s off on his own to track one down for himself in three days.
Royal Jug and Gun Club

Duck Camp Dinners S02 E07 Sep 23, 2022

Royal Jug and Gun Club
Jean-Paul breaks off from the crew to hunt a grit pile with a father-son duo, and sees first hand the effort that goes into feeding an entire camp. The crew takes an airboat tour to discover what efforts the state is making to preserve our coast for future generations of hunters and wildlife.

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Ep. 580: Foundations - Go Ahead, Get A Little Cocky
Ep. 580: Foundations - Go Ahead, Get A Little Cocky
On today's episode, Tony talks about how important it is to try to develop confidence in all aspects of your deer hunting game. He also explains how getting too cocky can kill your chances of success as well.  Connect with Wired To Hunt and MeatEater Tony Peterson on Instagram MeatEater on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube Shop MeatEater Merch
Ep. 373: Shirker Bucks, Baubellum, and Binturongs
Ep. 373: Shirker Bucks, Baubellum, and Binturongs
Steve Rinella talks with Jim Heffelfinger, Janis Putelis, Brody Henderson, Seth Morris, and Corinne Schneider. Topics discussed: How Jim got canceled from Instagram and how to help him make a comeback by following him at @cervidnut; Jim's book, Deer of the Southwest, is back in print; the forthcoming bible on black-tailed and mule deer of North America; antlerogenesis and how antler bone resembles cancer growth; testes the size of peas; check out...
Ep. 373: Shirker Bucks, Baubellum, and Binturongs
Ep. 373: Shirker Bucks, Baubellum, and Binturongs
Steve Rinella talks with Jim Heffelfinger, Janis Putelis, Brody Henderson, Seth Morris, and Corinne Schneider. Topics discussed: How Jim got canceled from Instagram and how to help him make a comeback by following him at @cervidnut; Jim's book, Deer of the Southwest, is back in print; the forthcoming bible on black-tailed and mule deer of North America; antlerogenesis and how antler bone resembles cancer growth; testes the size of peas; check out...
Ep.179: Citizen Science, Private Fences, and Nose Biters
Ep.179: Citizen Science, Private Fences, and Nose Biters
This week, Cal talks about beyond most meats, 1/3 acre in Newport Beach for 13k, ancient amputation, and so much more.  Connect with Cal and MeatEater Cal on Instagram and Twitter MeatEater on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube Shop Cal's Week in Review Merch

Recent Posts

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Fish Hatcheries


The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Fish Hatcheries

Human beings are capable of great things. We erected our own massive metropolises, put a man on the moon, and even invented the freaking internet! But we’ve done some terrible things as well. In our haste or perhaps our hubris in trying to mold this world, we have often hurt it. Our forefathers...
Video: How to Make Squirrel and Dumplings

Cooking Techniques

Video: How to Make Squirrel and Dumplings

This squirrel and dumplings recipe is guaranteed to have you treeing and skinning more squirrels than ever before. Cooked down and topped with some bear grease biscuits, this recipe is the ultimate stick-to-your-ribs comfort food that will certainly make the most of your harvest.
Lies Hunters Believe About Blood Trailing Deer


Lies Hunters Believe About Blood Trailing Deer

Blood trailing a wounded deer is a situation that can break bad in a hurry. This is due to the generally high optimism before the trail starts, to the reality that often sets in when the spoor starts telling the real story. Unless you’re dealing with a double-lung or heart shot, or even a severed...

The MeatEater Crew

Steven Rinella is the host of the Netflix Original series MeatEater and The MeatEater Podcast. He's also the author of six books dealing with wildlife, hunting, fishing and wild game cooking, including the bestselling MeatEater Fish and Game Cookbook: Recipes and Techniques for Every Hunter and Angler.

Check out some of Steve's favorite gear.

Janis Putelis is the Director and Executive Producer of the Netflix Original series MeatEater and co-host of The MeatEater Podcast. Before joining MeatEater in 2012, Putelis spent over a decade guiding hunting and fishing trips in Colorado, Arizona, and Mexico and three years in a professional kitchen.

Check out some of Janis's favorite gear.

Ryan "Cal" Callaghan is MeatEater's Director of Conservation and a national board member of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers. Cal has been a passionate member of the outdoor community, having grown up hunting and fishing, guiding, and playing in the West.

Check out some of Cal's favorite gear.

Clay Newcomb is a 7th-generation Arkansan that grew up in the Ouachita Mountains. He's a hunter, mule skinner, curious naturalist, and observer of rural culture. He's also a writer, filmmaker, podcaster, and owner/publisher of Bear Hunting Magazine.

Check out some of Clay's favorite gear.

Danielle Prewett is the founder of Wild + Whole and a Wild Foods Contributing Editor for MeatEater. She is passionate about the outdoors because hunting, fishing, gardening, and foraging enable her to connect with her food and eat consciously. Texas is home for Danielle and when she isn’t in the kitchen, she can be found upland hunting with her bird dogs.

Check out some of Danielle's favorite gear.

Mark Kenyon is the author of That Wild Country, founder of Wired To Hunt, and host of the industry-leading Wired To Hunt Podcast. He is a nationally published writer, a QDMA certified Deer Steward, and MeatEater's resident "whitetail guy."

Check out some of Mark's favorite gear.

The ocean has long been a source of sustenance, inspiration and adventure for Kimi Werner. She's a United States National Spearfishing Champion, chef, ocean advocate, filmmaker, and mom. Her daily life is a pure fusion of her talents and passions, rooted in her love for family, foraging, and food.

Kevin Gillespie is an Atlanta-based chef, author, restauranteur, and culinary contributor for MeatEater. He is the owner of the Red Beard Restaurant group and the founder of Defend Southern Food Foundation, an organization committed to helping alleviate hunger inside Atlanta communities. Kevin is a seven-time James Beard Awards finalist as well as a two-time finalist and “fan favorite” on Bravo’s hit TV show “Top Chef.” He’s a lifelong hunter and outdoorsman who seeks to inspire people to redefine their relationship with food by committing to more thoughtful and sustainable practices.

Check out some of Kevin's favorite gear.

Spencer Neuharth is the director of web content at MeatEater, producer of Wired to Hunt, and founder of Rut Fresh. His writing has been featured in over a dozen magazines, including Field & Stream, Petersen's Hunting, and Men's Journal. His work is a reflection of his roots as a whitetail hunter and training as a biologist.

Born and raised in southern Louisiana, Chef Jean-Paul Bourgeois spent his childhood surrounded by family, friends, and great southern cooking. His mission is focused on honoring and celebrating humble beginning experiences with others.

Brody Henderson grew up hunting and fishing in Pennsylvania. After college he moved to Colorado, where he worked as a fly fishing guide and writer. Brody has a passion for public lands hunting and fishing throughout the West. He has worked as a Wilderness Production Assistant for the MeatEater television show, and is a writer and MeatEater's Senior Editor.

Sean is originally from Iowa, but followed ducks to South Dakota—where he now calls home. Before joining MeatEater, he was a hunting guide, photographer, television producer, and writer. If you find him in the wild, chances are there’s water and waterfowl nearby.

Check out some of Sean's favorite gear.

Misty Newcomb is a wife, mother, gardener, and small-scale chicken farmer interested in using natural foods to build a healthy, connected family and community. She has a full-time professional career off the farm and enjoys figuring out how to efficiently feed her family like it’s 1899 while living a modern, balanced lifestyle. She’s also a die-hard NBA and NCAA basketball fan and amateur fermenter. You can find the chronicles of her farming journey on Instagram @newcombfarm.

Texas chef and butcher Jesse Griffiths has been a long-time friend of MeatEater, hanging out with us on podcasts, hosting an episode of Das Boat, and many other good times. Jesse isn’t just a renowned chef, he runs a strictly local butcher Dai Due Butcher Shop, supper clubs, and a very cool hunting school to welcome anyone interested in hunting and preparing wild game. He’s also a serious hunter and angler, and the perfect person to lead Steve on a journey through the mid-coast region of Texas, fishing, gathering, hunting, and eating the whole way.

MeatEater Contributor Tony Peterson has penned hundreds of hunting articles, several books, and developed multiple podcasts. Peterson’s whitetail-related contributions stem from real-world experience and a passion for hunting new ground each season. He's considered one of the top whitetail hunters in the country and is a staunch advocate for public lands.

Check out some of Tony's favorite gear.

Chester started working in the outdoor space the day he graduated high school. He’s a former boat builder, bow builder, and trout guide, and currently a walleye tournament angler. Chet won’t turn down any opportunity to wet a line or strum a guitar.

Home state: Wisconsin

Favorite pursuits: walleye, muskie, whitetail, rabbits
Favorite meal: chicken-fried venison
Favorite conservation orgs: Public Land/Water Access Association, National Wild Turkey Federation, Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership
Known for: his many nicknames; host of Montana Walleye Tour; co-host of The MeatEater Podcast

Maggie is happiest away from cell service with a fishing pole in hand. With an educational background in English and culinary arts, she aims to create content that makes cooking and sourcing quality food an accessible endeavor for everyone.

Jordan Sillars is a supporting editor at MeatEater who writes about firearms, conservation, and American literature. He hails from the East Texas piney woods, where he likes pursuing squirrels, whitetail, wild hogs, and sand bass (but mostly squirrels).

Hayden Sammak is the co-host of the Bent podcast, an outdoor writer, and an audio engineer at MeatEater. A transplant from Pennsylvania, he grew up learning to hunt, fish, and forage on the East Coast before making his home in Bozeman, Montana. If he's not at work, you can find him in the mountains.

Katie Hill is an assistant editor for MeatEater and a former freelance writer with a master’s degree in environmental journalism. Originally from Connecticut, Katie spent her first 22 years eating elk and venison from her dad's hunts before fleeing to Montana to become a wordsmithing outdoorswoman. When she’s not wrangling sentences together, she’s slinging mud and dust on a trail run or reading conservation bills for fun. Send her an email at katie.hill@themeateater.com.