The Best Baits and Lures For Stocked Trout

The waters have finally thawed, the air is ringing with sweet birdsong, and the promise of adventure sparks trout anglers into action. It’s a time of tradition, when trout anglers begin to check stocking reports and watch the roads anxiously for passing hatchery trucks heading to their favorite...


Where Trout Eat Ducks and People Eat Horses

I just rolled my eyes when I saw the lure. Logic and conventional wisdom are no match for my father’s fishing hunches. My irritation belonged elsewhere anyway—with the wind, the miles of unproductive lakeshore, and the omnipresent gnats trying to slurp all the liquid from my eyeballs. At 11 p.m. in...


Fish Eggs and Duck Guts: An Old Myth Redefined

This article comes from the Bent Fishing Podcast’s “Fish News” segment, where hosts Joe Cermele and Miles Nolte go head-to-head to find and report the most interesting and amusing fishy stories across sources far and wide—from respected scientific journals to trashy tabloids. A few years ago, our...


Can You Catch Fish in the Suez Canal?

The giant container ship “Ever Given” was stuck sideways in the Suez Canal for nearly a week, providing endless fodder for news outlets and meme creators. But the piscatorially-minded among us had only one question on our collective minds during this debacle: If we were stuck on a 1,300-foot-long...


How to Catch Walleye in Spring

As lake ice and cabin fever begin to dissipate, you can bet the walleyes are getting restless too. This is the fishing version of the rut, and it’s arguably the easiest time of year to target walleyes. Before you get ahead of yourself, first you have to find them, then you need to know how to catch...


Best Trout Fishing Lures, Flies, and Baits

Trout are inarguably among the most popular game fish family worldwide, if not the most popular. Perhaps one reason for that fondness among anglers is the myriad lures, flies, baits, and techniques that can be employed in pursuit of these fish. There are the standard standbys that will likely work...