Firearm Hunting

The Mistaken Legacy of Samuel Colt

“God created man. Sam Colt made them equal.” We’ve all heard this old saw a million times, because to many, Samuel Colt is the most important figure in firearms history. Even people who’ve never heard of Hiram Maxim, Eugene Stoner, or John Moses Browning know who Sam Colt is. While Colt is certainly...

Big Game

Video: Angler Finds Giant Mule Deer Dead in River

Matt Keller, founder of Old Hat Outdoors, mostly posts videos of ice fishing and fly fishing this time of year. Last week was an exception. “My intent was to film a sweet brown trout video,” Keller said. “That didn’t happen. In fact, the fishing sucked.” Rather than a big brown, Keller found a giant...

Firearm Hunting

3 Best Rifle Calibers for Youth Hunters

If you have kids you want to get hooked on hunting, it’s important to think carefully before choosing their first rifle. Throwing them to the wolves with a .300 Winchester Magnum might make for a funny story when they’re older, but it’s a terrible way to recruit a future hunting buddy. There are...

Wild Turkey

How to Call to Pressured Turkeys

One of turkey hunting’s biggest draws is carrying on a conversation with a gobbler or old boss hen. Sure, you can call to all types of game, but turkey hunting is unique in that you can have a call-and-answer, one-on-one dialogue with a wild bird. Much like with people, some talks with turkeys are...

Wild Turkey

How to Kill a Tom in the Evening

If you’re looking to squeeze as many hours as possible from a short spring season, don’t discount the fading light of evening as a prime occasion to catch a longbeard at his most vulnerable. While the enthusiasm of a new day and the warmth of morning sunlight on his feathers may make a gobbler more...

Firearm Hunting

The History of Wildcatting in America

The term “wildcatter” is most frequently used to refer to oil prospectors from the late 19th century who drilled exploration wells in search of new petroleum fields. But the word also refers to another group of optimistic entrepreneurs, folks who hope to strike it rich (or at least become famous) in...