Public Lands & Waters

MeatEater Founder Steven Rinella Addresses R3 Op-Ed

I recently caused quite a stir among our audience with an op-ed published to our website. The piece, titled “The Case Against Hunter Recruitment,” was written by my brother Matt Rinella. It focuses on Matt’s distrust with what is known in the hunting industry as R3. While it sounds like a droid from...

Policy & Legislation

New Mexico Legislature Passes Bill to Ban Trapping on Public Land

Most trapping on public lands in New Mexico will become illegal if the governor signs SB 32, the “Wildlife Conservation & Public Safety Act.” The bill passed by the legislature last week with a one-vote margin, and if signed it would prohibit leghold, body-gripping, and cage traps, as well as snares...

Policy & Legislation

Hunters Rally to End Sunday Hunting Ban in North Carolina

For the first time since 1869, public lands will be open to hunting on Sundays in North Carolina. The Tar Heel State had been one of four states with outright hunting bans on Sunday, but that ends on Aug. 1, 2021. One hundred forty years after the 1869 “blue law” banned hunting on the Sabbath, the...


New Findings Challenge Hunter-Gatherer Gender Roles

Take a moment and imagine the world 9,000 years ago—escape the chaos of modern life and enter an untamed, archaic time. Now, travel to the arid Andes Mountains of Peru. You see a group of hunters stalking vicuña. They move together, communicate without a sound, their every step an analytical...

Wildlife Management

What Does it Mean to ‘Follow the Science’ with Wildlife Management?

For better or worse, the coronavirus pandemic has brought science to the forefront of our political discourse. Phrases such as “follow the science” have become mainstream terms to describe someone’s commitment, or perceived lack thereof, to science-based decision making. These recent debates beg the...


Did Davy Crockett Go Down Swinging?

David Crockett died violently March 6, 1836, at the Alamo after thousands of Mexican soldiers stormed the lightly defended fortress in San Antonio, Texas. And 185 years later, we’re still debating at least 185 versions of how Crockett died that bloody dawn. Americans have a favorite version. Walt...