MeatEater is based in Bozeman, Montana, with additional offices in Idaho and Washington for our family of companies, including First Lite, FHF Gear and Phelps Game Calls. We're always looking for talented, motivated people to join our team, so please have a look at our open positions below.


Steven Rinella

Founder @MeatEater

One of the many things I love about MeatEater is how much our people help one another get outside in order to live the lifestyle that we are committed to protecting. Every day, I see acts of generosity: teaching marksmanship, lending boats, packing out elk, sharing waypoints, fixing gear, helping with game processing, and giving endless amounts of praise for accomplishments in the outdoors. It's inspiring and infectious. When I need a favor, my colleagues are the first place I go. And when they come to me, I try my hardest to help.

Austin White

Controller @MeatEater

Working at MeatEater allows me to combine my passion for nature with my professional love for accounting and finance. I'm surrounded by a team of creative, fun people whose shared enthusiasm for the outdoors is exemplified on a daily basis through pushing themselves and MeatEater to never settle and balance dreams with data. When you work at a company where the employees genuinely believe in its message, the result is a highly engaged, motivated, and inspired group of individuals who work hard, play hard and have a blast doing it.

Ryan DeLuca

CX Design Lead @MeatEater

I've only been working at MeatEater for a few months, but my experience has already exceeded my high expectations. When I pursued a job at MeatEater, I was seeking more alignment between my professional life and personal interests. It's a beautiful thing to finally find a company where I can bring my passion for hunting, fishing and the outdoors to work.

Dirk Durham

Sales and Marketing @PhelpsGameCalls

A lot of people put value on shiny objects and expensive toys, but I find much richer, and deeper connections to wild places in nature. Elk bugles, dark timber pockets, tiny hidden creeks, and quiet mountaintops to name a few. Working here, I'm surrounded by folks who have the same values and mindset, and our generous PTO allows me to connect with the things I love most: family and hunting.

Phillip Larson

Product Development @FHFGear

I love working for MeatEater because we're always being pushed to do everything we do better. No one is satisfied with "good enough". We want it to be the best! Knowing that I work for a company that has my outdoor passion at heart is a huge deal and knowing they want nothing but the best for all hunters and anglers makes me excited to come in and do my job the best I can. What other job can you call-in "packing out" instead of sick, and not get grief for it!?

Christine Sawicki

Human Resources @MeatEater

There's no shortage of passionate and motivated folks around here. Each and every individual is driven by edgy creativity, practical data, and a true eagerness to bring the MeatEater lifestyle to any and everyone following along with what we do. I get to work side by side with those who want to see success and accessibility for all hunters and anglers, and conservation of the resources that allow us to all get out and do what we love. Oh, and catching up on Monday's about our weekend hunts isn't so bad either. It doesn't get any better than that!

Open Positions

Director of Marketing

MeatEater is hiring a Director of Marketing to help us continue the rapid expansion of our brand. The ideal candidate will have a strong track record of developing, marketing, and positioning brands in the marketplace that have a successful history of customer acquisition and developing loyal connections with the target community. Must have a passion for the brand and the outdoors industry, with the ability to operate and drive results in a start-up environment. This is a great opportunity to get involved in a growing brand with lots of meaningful potential.
    Bozeman, MT APPLY

Associate Producer

MeatEater is seeking a highly-motivated and detail oriented person to assist MeatEater’s production team in all aspects of Production as an Associate Producer. As an Associate Producer for the MeatEater brand, you will help with pre-production, production and post production for the MeatEater show and its network of thought-leading outdoor influencers. You must have experience in production, have excellent communication skills, unwavering attention to detail, and an inherent ability to effectively prioritize.
    Bozeman, MT APPLY

Social Media Coordinator

MeatEater is hiring a Social Media Coordinator to help us continue the rapid expansion of our brand. The Social Media Coordinator will manage the daily scheduling and execution of social media content, help with the expansion of other brand channels, and aid with the creation of content. The ideal candidate has experience in the wild foods and culinary space in addition to a deep knowledge and passion for the outdoors. The ideal candidate also has excellent writing and communication skills. We are looking for someone organized, with a keen eye for detail, and the ability to prioritize tasks. Lastly, the ideal candidate has experience with social media platforms, namely Facebook and Instagram.
    Bozeman, MT APPLY

Product Marketing Manager

Under the direction of the VP Brand & Marketing at First Lite, and with direct support from Director of Marketing at MeatEater, the Product Marketing Manager will be based in the MeatEater Bozeman office in order to efficiently identify, coordinate, and execute opportunities to drive First Lite, FHF Gear and Phelps Game Calls product strategy across the greater MeatEater, Inc. organization. This person will champion all of these MeatEater-owned brands and find innovative opportunities to integrate these products into media plans.
    Bozeman, MT APPLY

Graphic Designer

First Lite is seeking a Graphic Designer that will apply art, design, and copy layout skills to create visually engaging concepts such as logos, promotional and branding materials, communication media, and other print and digital materials.
    Ketchum, ID APPLY

There are currently no open positions at FHF. Please check back again later.

There are currently no open positions at Phelps. Please check back again later.