Video: How to Mount a Turkey Cape and Fan

A wild turkey's feathers rival nature's finest works of art. They're beautiful. Typically, hunters save a gobbler's fan, beard, and spurs, but in this video I'll show you how to make a turkey cape mount. It will display all the beautiful parts of the turkey and look great on your wall. All you'll need is a gobbler, a sharp knife, some borax, and a bit of plywood.

3-Pack Diaphragm Turkey Calls
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A killer 3-pack including Steve Rinella's signature Jake Brake, Janis Putelis' signature Latvian Eagle and The MeatEater Loud & Clear.

Turkey Box Call
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This box pairs a beautiful purpleheart lid with a solid walnut body designed for creating raspy old hen sounds that will pull a wily old tom right into your lap.

Crystal Over Slate Pot Call
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Once this handcrafted pot call has been prepped and tuned, it will coax in the most call-shy turkeys in damn near any conditions.

Crow Call
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Sometimes, damn near any loud noise will make a turkey shock-gobble. But nothing seems to get them stirred up faster than a loud crow call.

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