The wingbone turkey call is a classic tool that’s as old as turkey hunting itself. These are a blast to make, fun to use, and most importantly, can help you kill a gobbler. Now that doesn’t mean I’ll be tossing out my Phelps Jake Brake or box call anytime soon. Using a crafted wingbone is like shooting traditional archery—there are far better options, but it still has its time and place.

I prefer to use the wingbone to supplement my diaphragm. A wingbone call makes authentic, unique, soft sounds that will add some diversity to vocalizations.

In this video, I'll show you how to joint out a turkey wing, cut the bones, and easily make them into an effective call. To build the call you'll need a turkey wing, epoxy, super glue, saw, and string. To whiten the bones, you'll need some dish soap and high-powered hydrogen peroxide called 40 Volume Developer.

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