Video: How to Save Seeds from Your Garden

Saving your own seeds from your garden is a rewarding practice and over time it will adapt your veggies to your garden’s specific microclimate. Here are a few tips for new seed savers and some veggies to get started with.

For a more detailed description on how to save seeds, check out this article here.


Pruning Shears
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Steve and I agree that this is hands-down the best pruning shears out there!
 Fish & Seaweed Fertilizer
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Neptune's Harvest
I add this mineral-rich seaweed fertilizer to my vegetables throughout the growing season to increase the vitality and productivity of my garden.
EarthWorm Castings
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Uncle Jim's Worm Farm
If you don’t want to invest in a worm farm, the next best thing is adding “black gold” to your soil!
Foam Twist Ties
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Gardener's Supply Company
These foam twisties make it easy to tie vegetables up to a trellis for support without damaging the plant and they’re reusable.
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