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Ep. 262: The Jake Brake

Ep. 262: The Jake Brake

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Topics discussed: Chester The Investor makes a solid plan on a walleye boat; how skepticism is the chastity of the intellect; reconsidering the use of a sous vide wand to warm up your bathtub; Steve's FOMO were he to die while other humans got to keep living; Texas' record low temperatures wiping out piles of exotic big game; yet another nipple ripping tale; taxidermying an albino porcupine and getting a $70,000 offer for it; how The MeatEater Podcast solves tombstone mysteries; when turkeys are bad turkey callers; how turkey testosterone levels change daily, like Steve's; the reason God made naps; the incredible way turkeys hear and how they're basically GPS devices; how you get Jason Phelp's personal phone when you call Phelps' Game Calls customer service number; breaking down turkey calls; the otherwordly odor of a turkey buzzard; tuning game calls; MeateaterXPhelps calls: the Jake Brake, the Latvian Eagle, and the Easy Clucker; Dirk, the saxophone player; a single production of a black walnut tree; pink vs. red; and more.


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