Phelps Game Calls Joins MeatEater Family

Phelps Game Calls Joins MeatEater Family

We are thrilled to announce—or bugle, if you will—that Phelps Game Calls has joined the family alongside MeatEater, First Lite, and FHF Gear. The Phelps team builds the hands-down best hunting calls on the market, and we’ve been talking to elk, turkeys, and ducks with their products for years. The whole crew couldn’t be more excited to help share these calls with our community.

Jason Phelps, a civil engineer by training, started the company in 2009 out of his home in the Roosevelt elk country of Pe Ell, Washington. Through thousands of hours of experimentation and “field testing” he began producing diaphragms and grunt tubes that made sounds far more accurate than any others on the market, while still being easy to blow. That quality and attention to detail quickly got noticed by discerning hunters across the country.

“I’ve been friends with Jason for years. I’m deeply inspired by the elbow grease and tenacity that he put into building his business,” said MeatEater founder Steven Rinella. “The MeatEater audience loves him, too. He’s a fan favorite, and his products are deeply respected by skilled hunters. I’m thrilled that our friendship and mutual respect has blossomed into a business partnership.”

While the call business will continue to operate independently under Jason’s leadership with the help of long-time Sales and Marketing Director Dirk Durham, the business will be able to grow with the existing infrastructure and customer service of the MeatEater organization.

“There’s no brand more trusted in the outdoors space than MeatEater and no one in the hunting community who has more power to showcase quality products than Steve and the rest of the MeatEater crew,” Jason said. “It took 12 years, a few mistakes, and a lot of hard work and determination, but we have built Phelps Game Calls into an industry leader, and now with the stellar management team and massive built-in audience at MeatEater, we can scale the business like never before.”

If you’re gearing up for spring turkey season or already daydreaming about the September elk rut, check out Phelps’ offerings and you’ll quickly see why we’re such huge fans. Diaphragms start at only $8.99. (The AMP Grey is a certified elk killer.) Take a look at these incredible hunting instruments at and help us welcome the Phelps team to our family!

Feature image via Seth Morris.

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