Janis Putelis

Janis Putelis

Janis Putelis is the Director and Executive Producer of the Netflix Original series MeatEater and co-host of The MeatEater Podcast. Before joining MeatEater in 2012, Putelis spent over a decade guiding hunting and fishing trips in Colorado, Arizona, and Mexico and three years in a professional kitchen.



Ep. 266: Crying Wolf

Steven Rinella talks with Jon Mooallem, Gaspar Perricone, Brody Henderson Ryan Callaghan, Phil Taylor, Corinne Schneider, and Janis Putelis. Topics discussed: Papa Jani's wish to have guests introduced at the beginning of the show; how Ronny B. got Steve in trouble, and a correction about raccoons...

Firearm Hunting

Ask MeatEater: What Do You Need to Know About Flying with Guns?

I’ve flown with firearms over 60 times in the last few decades. Let me start by telling you this: It’s OK. Airports are accustomed to it and ready for you. Although some terminals are easier to work with than others and policies vary among airlines, it’s actually pretty simple. Here’s what you need...

Big Game

Ask MeatEater: How Do You Break in Hunting Boots?

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers (and if we don’t, we’ll make them up). Every day, fellow MeatEaters send us more than 100 emails regarding hunting, fishing, cooking, conservation, and more. So, we decided to publish a series dedicated to our favorite FAQs. This is Ask MeatEater. My feet are...

Butchering & Processing

Video: How to Debone a Venison Hindquarter

The hindquarters, or hams, contain many of the choicest cuts of meat on a deer, so you want to process it with as much care and attention to detail as possible to get the most out of it.  In the rear quarter you’ll find the sirloins and rounds, both of which are great for cooking whole or slicing...

Firearm Hunting

Video: How to Clean a Rifle Barrel

Whether your rifle is brand new or passed down through several generations, regular and proper cleaning is imperative to keep it in good shape and shooting accurately for hunting seasons to come. It all starts with the right tools and a solid understanding of what you’re trying to accomplish. When...

Butchering & Processing

Video: How to Prepare Venison Skirt Steak

The skirt steaks on smaller big game like whitetail deer and pronghorn aren’t very substantial cuts, but that doesn’t mean you should discard or ignore them. They’re a bit thin to cook whole and have too much silverskin to grind, but our friend Jesse Griffiths, owner of the renowned restaurant Dai...

Firearm Hunting

Video: How to Sight in a Rifle

Getting a new gun zeroed in or on target is not as complicated as some folks might believe. But it is easy to get a few crucial steps wrong. The proper equipment will make the process easier and more reliable. First, there’s your rifle and your scope. You can mount the scope yourself and use a laser...

Butchering & Processing

Video: How to Remove a Venison Hindquarter

The hindquarters of a deer, also known as hams, contain a large proportion of the total meat and some of the choicest cuts. It’s here where you’ll find the sirloin, round roasts, eye of round, and others. The more attention you can pay to your technique as you’re removing the back legs, the more...

Butchering & Processing

Video: How to Remove Silverskin

Getting rid of tendons, ligaments, and sinew—known collectively as silverskin—is a fact of life for those of us who like to process and cook our own wild game. It’s usually pretty obvious where and how to cut off these white and/or silver portions, but good technique and attention to detail will...

Butchering & Processing

Video: How to Remove Backstraps from a Deer

Every week for the next month or so, we’ll be bringing you in-depth butchering videos and articles to help you make the most of your kills and catches. Janis Putelis, Ryan Callaghan, and other accomplished butchers and cooks will share knife tips and techniques they’ve learned over decades of...