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Ep. 237: A Face No Longer Attached

Ep. 237: A Face No Longer Attached

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Topics discussed: how Cal’s got turned down for a Victoria Secret’s pink credit card; Steve’s very special method of making sucker cakes out of the fish that his kid keeps bringing home; Spencer’s Bar Room Banter series and the Zone of Death; the remotest place in the lower-48; the most Instagrammed outdoor places on earth; Ben’s coverage of an insane bear attack story and a face no longer attached to the skull; saving your dad with a pistol; when you kill a charging grizzly; choking on your own flesh but remaining very with it; loving the gore of plastic surgery; that time when Steve’s brother talked to a guy in the woods who got mauled by a grizzly later that day; the jaw-spread eye-zap trick; and more.


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