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Ep. 126: Bear Attack Turned Urban Legend: The True Story Behind the Gruesome Images that Shocked the Internet with Bret Bohn

Ep. 126: Bear Attack Turned Urban Legend: The True Story Behind the Gruesome Images that Shocked the Internet with Bret Bohn

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On today's podcast, we're joined by MeatEater's Sam Lungren and Joe Ferronato to discuss one of the wildest stories we've ever encountered. It's the gruesome tale of a grizzly bear attack involving 33-year-old Wasilla, Alaska resident and hunting guide Bret Bohn and his father, Glenn.

Back in 2016 Bret saved his 77-year-old dad by killing a 9-foot grizzly as it mauled his face. Glenn amazingly survived and just as notably, Bret took pictures and video of his dad’s gruesome injuries soon after the bear was dead.  

The resulting mix of compelling story and shocking documentation would lay the perfect groundwork for a viral event online. Everyone wanted to know more about the bloody scene, why Bret had taken the photos, and how the hell either of them had survived. We have the exclusive story. 


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