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Ben O'Brien, The Hunting Collective

Ben O’Brien is a writer, editor, host of The Hunting Collective podcast, a member of the Backcountry Hunters and Anglers Board of Directors, and MeatEater’s Director of Hunting.


Ep. 90: ASMR for Hunters, Maggie’s First Buck, and Telling Our Story with Photographer Andy Anderson

Ep. 89: Hunting While Black and Questioning Our Cultural Competency with Dr. Carolyn Finney

Ep. 88: Beyond Factory Farming, the Power in Our Soil, and Learning About Regenerative Agriculture at Roam Ranch

Ep. 87: Kickass Listener Emails, the Whitetail Rut is Here, and Inside the Back 40 with Mark Kenyon

Ep. 86: Persecuting Predators and the History Coyotes in America with Dan Flores

Ep. 85: Phil’s Mustache Gets a Name, The #StampItForward Project, and the Ethics of Bear Baiting with Clay Newcomb

Ep. 84: Pulling Pythons By the Tail and Being Afraid of Snakes with Herpetologist Harry W. Greene

Ep. 83: Whiskey and Ethics: The Value of the Grip and Grin with Steven Rinella

Ep. 82: A Contentious Interview with Grizzly Bear Attack Survivor and Wildlife Advocate Barrie K. Gilbert

Ep. 81: Owl Herpes, CWD, Avoiding the Plague, and the Deadliest Wildlife Diseases