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Ben O'Brien, The Hunting Collective

Ben O’Brien is a writer, editor, host of The Hunting Collective podcast, a member of the Backcountry Hunters and Anglers Board of Directors, and MeatEater’s Director of Hunting.


Ep. 97: Win a Hunt in New Zealand, Hunters Charged with Animal Cruelty, and Tragic Wisdom with Cornell Ethicist Dr. James Tantillo

Ep. 96: Best of THC, Volume 4: Outdoor Legends Valerius Geist, Col. Tom Kelly, and Jim Posewitz

Animal Rights

Lab-Grown Meat is Here to Stay and It Might Change Everything

Ep. 95: Best of THC, Volume 3: The Wildest Bear Attack Stories

Ep. 94: Best of THC, Volume 2: Rinella Learns Game of Thrones, Cam Hanes Digs the Bachelor, and Ben Visits Berkeley

Ep. 93: Best of THC, Volume 1: Wyman Meinzer, Dusan Smetana, and Charles “The Rabbit Man” Rodney

Ep. 92: Cal on Being a Mentor, Change Versus Loss, and The Mindful Carnivore with Tovar Cerulli

Ep. 91: Studying the Earliest MeatEaters and the Evolution of the Human Diet with Brianna Pobiner

Ep. 90: ASMR for Hunters, Maggie’s First Buck, and Telling Our Story with Photographer Andy Anderson

Ep. 89: Hunting While Black and Questioning Our Cultural Competency with Dr. Carolyn Finney