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Ben O'Brien, The Hunting Collective

Ben O’Brien is a writer, editor, host of The Hunting Collective podcast, a member of the Backcountry Hunters and Anglers Board of Directors, and MeatEater’s Director of Hunting.


Ep. 120: Phil’s Dumper Fan, Old Bold Mushroom Hunters, and the 50-Year Ram with Guy and Ike Eastman

THC Daily Quarantine-Cast Finale: Please Tell Us We’re Open for Hunting, Pink Camp Lamps, and a Once-in-a-Lifetime Public Land Bull with Sean DeGrey

THC Daily Quarantine-Cast 14: Phil’s a Gamer, Pandemic Turkey Hunting, and Three Toms in One Sit with Mike Hunsucker

THC Daily Quarantine-Cast 13: COVID-19 Threatens Spring Hunting, Use Your Turkey Sponges, and Beak-to-Fan Eating with Danielle Prewett

THC Daily Quarantine-Cast 12: The Greatest Hand Turkey, the Flashiest Mule, and Up Close Bear Encounters with Clay Newcomb

THC Daily Quarantine-Cast 11: A Habanero Turkey Lobe, Truck Camp Distancing, and a Spicy Elk Hunt with Sam Lungren and Miles Nolte

THC Daily Quarantine-Cast 10: Reviewing the Netflix Documentary Tiger King *So Many Spoilers*

THC Daily Quarantine-Cast 9: Sinew Stew, The Return of El Gigante, and Big Giant Coues Bucks with Steven Rinella and Janis Putelis

THC Daily Quarantine-Cast 8: Toilet Paper Calculating, Bob the Butcher, and Lanai Archery Axis Deer with Shane Dorian and Sam Soholt

THC Daily Quarantine-Cast 7: Robe Life, Netflix’s” Tiger King” is Gold, and YouTube as a Career with Hushin’s Casey Butler