Ep. 319: Analyzing our 2019 Rut Successes and Failures

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Today on the show Dan and I are recapping our 2019 rutcations, examining the tactics that led to us killing two mature bucks,  and exploring the challenges we encountered along the way and what we can learn from them.

Topics discussed:

  • Our mental state after our 2019 rutcations
  • The ever-increasing challenge of balancing hunting with family
  • Dan’s 2019 rut strategy
  • Dan’s first encounter with “Gnarly Charlie”
  • How Dan filled his 2019 Iowa tag
  • Hunting with my dad
  • The cat and mouse hunt for “Tran”
  • Passing on nice Michigan bucks and struggling with the decisions
  • Examining why the Back 40 has been such a struggle this year
  • What led to my ultimate success in my chase for the Wide 8 on the Back 40
  • Learning to love the process and not sweating what you can’t control


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