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Ep. 252: A Sideways Thumb on 2020

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Steven Rinella talks with Whit Fosburgh, Clay Newcomb, Brody Henderson, and Janis Putelis.

Topics discussed: tail strippers and Clay’s squirrel tail ornaments; tanning squirrel hides; smash burgers; crazy fossilized footprints of hunters and a one-legged person from 20,000 years ago; pondering dropping out of the block management program; mistaking movement and a person for a deer; a local priest suffering hunter harassment; intentionally popping mountain bike tires by stringing a wire; out-of-state interests challenging spring bear season; managing wildlife through the ballot box as maybe not ideal; how Clay’s old man went to high school with Bill Clinton and wasn’t a partier; the LCWF; the intent to kill Pebble Mine once and for all; assessing where we’re at with the ANWR; removing wolves from the endangered species list; explaining the Farm Bill and how gutting it is a big loss for conservation; the American Conservation Enhancement Act; not doing great on keeping CWD under control in 2020; manhaden aka bunker aka pogie; when 6,000-year-old arrows emerge from an ice patch; how to get involved in TRCP; and more.


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