Rinella-Putelis 2020 Campaign Announced!

Fellow Americans,

Wouldn’t it be great if a presidential candidate solely focused on hunting and fishing? If someone prioritized the hunting and fishing public and provided more outdoor opportunities and better habitat for wildlife? These are the real issues that matter to the sportsmen and women of America. It’s about time someone did something about it.

Our fellow MeatEaters have joked that Steve and Janis should run for office. Honestly, we’re not sure how they’d run the economy, but we know damn well they’d create better hunting and fishing for America. So, we’ve launched the Rinella-Putelis Campaign with one goal in mind: to do some badass things for the hunting and fishing community in 2020. First on that list—more access. To make that happen, all profits from Rinella-Putelis 2020 Campaign merchandise will be allocated towards land access projects. More details will be coming soon.

Did you know that there are more than 15 million acres of inaccessible, landlocked public lands in the United States? That’s an area the size of West Virginia that we own as citizens but can’t reach without a helicopter.

Did you know that ten states don’t allow anglers to wade streams through private land, even below the high-water mark? In some states, even dropping anchor from your boat can land you a trespassing citation.

Loss or lack of access is a leading reason people stop hunting, according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation. As development continues to pinch in on wild country, we think America could use some leaders who want to do something about it.

MeatEater is committed to help increase hunting and fishing opportunity. We work alongside conservation nonprofits on the front lines of this crusade. You can support this effort by purchasing Rinella-Putelis 2020 shirts and stickers at the MeatEater store.

Together, we will improve hunting and fishing access for all Americans.

-The MeatEater Crew

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