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Ep. 249: Begging and Pleading Redux

Ep. 249: Begging and Pleading Redux

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Topics discussed: Spencer’s long day spent rescuing an owl and then getting his buck because of karma; transporting a doomed owl in a plastic tote; Steve’s kids’ mouse; the Federal Duck Stamp having racked up a billion dollars so far; how Darien, CT folks are upset about the new Federal Duck Stamp incorporating an image of hunting; Janice’s box of airfreighted shrimp tails; the tragedy of Dirty Myth; the surprising dangers of s’mores; how to build all the levels of survival kit; why not to drink your pee; cowboy cauterization; Steve’s better than Brody at squealing like a pig; thoughts on cannibalism; all the things that can bite and make you sick; the best material ever written on pooping in the woods; how Ep. 192 of The MeatEater Podcast saved a life; Steve begging and pleading with you to go buy MeatEater’s Wilderness Skills book; and more.


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