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Sam Lungren

Sam Lungren is MeatEater's Fishing Editor and a former freelance writer/photographer, commercial fisherman, and editor of BHA's Backcountry Journal. Though originally from Whidbey Island, Washington, he's been in Montana for almost a decade and probably isn't leaving—except during steelhead season. Follow him @samlungrenmedia.


Wildlife Management

Interior Secretary Halts Aerial Gunning of Mountain Goats in Grand Teton

Endangered Species

New Coronavirus DNA Test Reveals Which Animal May Be Source

Policy & Legislation

EPA Removes Clean Water Act Protections from Many Wetlands and Streams

Policy & Legislation

Interior Department to Weaken Protections for Waterfowl and Other Migratory Birds

Environmental Issues

Washington State Advances New Aquaculture Despite Recent Escapes

Public Lands & Waters

Legislation Would Protect the Boundary Waters from Sulfide Mining


Wading Into Winter: A Guide to Fly Fishing for Cold Weather Trout

Black-tailed Deer

Kodiak December: A Hunt and a Blacktail of a Lifetime


Bar Room Banter: The Biggest Fish in the World


Blackberry Smoked Salmon Recipe

Blackberry Smoked Salmon Recipe