Ep. 222: Morels in the Time of Covid

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Steven Rinella talks with Spencer NeuharthRyan Callaghan, Joe Ferronato, and Phil Taylor.

Topics discussed: Too many Twin Lakes; practicing civil disobedience in order to get married; a strong prejudice against yoga studios; the obvious upsides of an open bar; the mystique of morels; cracking the code on lab grown mushrooms; how Cal found a morel in a gravel patch by a manhole cover in downtown Boise; the disgruntled hunter; a nasty rabbit disease hits American shores; Spencer as a newly formed rock-hunting enthusiast; how Yellowstone agates came to be; Spencer being way-assed wrong about folks’ interest in red squirrels biting the nuts off fox squirrels; the tale of a wolf named Three Toes; how Steve has really enjoyed waking up at home for a change; what the hell is a Polish rose?; the forgotten size of sugar cubes; and more.


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