Joe Ferronato

Joe Ferronato

Joe Ferronato is the Community Manager at MeatEater. His passion for the outdoors, inspired by his family, began at an early age and drove him to seek a career in outdoors media. Joe spends time honing his Western hunting skills in the mountains of Idaho and Montana, where he plans to stay. He strives to continue to do his part promoting hunting, fishing, and sustainable conservation practices.


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Ask MeatEater: How Do You Get in Elk Shape?

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers (and if we don’t, we’ll make them up). Every day, fellow MeatEaters send us more than 100 emails regarding hunting, fishing, cooking, conservation, and more. So, we decided to publish a series dedicated to our favorite FAQs. This is Ask MeatEater. Getting into...

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E-Scouting Basics: How to Plan Your First Western Hunt

Planning your first hunt out West? You’re going to need to do some scouting. For many of us, getting boots on the ground before hunting season is simply not an option, so we turn to onX Maps to e-scout from home. Here is what you need to know to make the best of your pre-trip research. Maps and...

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The Outdoorsman’s Guide to Toilet Paper Alternatives

The fear of ongoing isolation from coronavirus has driven people to hoard toilet paper, leaving supermarket shelves void of the precious, comforting, cleansing tissue. Now, some unfortunate souls who made it to the store too late are in need of wiping alternatives. As outdoorsmen, we’re no strangers...

Cooking Techniques

The Worst Wild Game We’ve Ever Eaten

The word “gamey” has become a blanket term used to describe unpleasant or unfamiliar flavors in wild meats. That stigma surrounding certain animals is often misplaced, but still used as an excuse to not eat some harvests. In reality, more often than not, bad flavor is the result of human error...


Tips for Your Puppy’s First Hunting Season

Ferg is working the field when—as if a string was attached to his nose—he whips around and locks on point. I creep past him awaiting the flush, and a rooster erupts at my feet. The report sounds from the right barrel of my 20-gauge side-by-side and the rooster falls. A quick retrieve to hand from...

Wildlife Management

Video: Warden Frees Locked-Up Deer with Shotgun

This is a slow time of year for most game wardens, but last week one officer got a call that he’ll never forget. It all ended with him taking aim at the antlers of two entangled whitetail bucks and touching off a shot from his 12-gauge. Officer Scott Kallweit was dispatched in response to a call...


Man Strangles Coyote to Death in New Hampshire

A man in Kensington, New Hampshire, strangled a coyote to death after it attacked his two-year-old son, ending a series of attacks on Monday. Ian O’Reilly was hiking with his family when he saw a coyote approach in his periphery and go after his son. The coyote grabbed the boy by his clothing...


Texas Woman Killed by Feral Hogs

On Sunday, a woman was killed by a group of feral hogs in Southeast Texas. Christine Rollins, 59, was found dead outside of the home where she worked as a caretaker for an elderly couple. Jefferson County Medical Examiner Dr. Selly Rivers declared the cause of death “exsanguination due to feral hog...

Mountain Lion

Colorado Mountain Lion Attack Roundup

Colorado has experienced an unfortunate series of mountain lion attacks, three this year alone. The victims all survived and were treated for their injuries. Colorado Parks and Wildlife found and killed each of the lions. “Since 1990, there have been 22 mountain lion attacks on humans in Colorado...

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Alaskan Moose Hunters Attacked by Grizzly

In the evening hours of Sept. 6, two Alaskan moose hunters ventured out for a quick glassing session. Scott Willis and Shane White, both Alaska natives and lifelong hunters, are no strangers to bear country. They were prepared—it is Alaska after all—but an attack was the last thing they expected...