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Ep. 210: Josh Carney on the Presence of a Feather

Ep. 210: Josh Carney on the Presence of a Feather

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Steven Rinella talks with Josh Carney, Ryan Callaghan, and Phil Taylor.

Topics discussed: How Josh is mean to Steve about his turkey calling; putting a rasp on it; living in town with 15 hunting dogs; skinning raccoons; a small game family; how turkey hunting is like dating at a bar; a 2 at 10 and a 10 at 2; not being tuned into hunting and fishing laws; what it feels like to be hit by buckshot; how it can all be taken away in a moment; dying on the operating table, twice; how you don't know who you are until you're absolutely alone; battling with God; getting so nervous you goose honk at Jim Shockey; the "Son of the South" and a crisis of identities; is the hunting industry sexualized?; and so much more.


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