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Ep. 161: Only in Texas

Ep. 161: Only in Texas

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Steven Rinella talks with chef Jesse Griffiths, Danielle Prewett, Dr. Karl Malcolm, and Janis Putelis.

Subjects discussed: Texas high fence; drunk designated drivers and other wildlife news; nilgai meat and their defecation piles; coyote attacks; wild game dishes you never want to eat again; a shocking example of erectile dysfunction in the animal kingdom; why grizzlies don’t live in the eastern US; can you make soap out of another man’s fat?; Daniel Boone vs. Davy Crockett; pressure cooking versus slow cooking; adult-onset hunting; misconceptions about wild hog meat; the ethics of serving wild game to the unwitting; would you eat a CWD-positive deer?; the cocaine bear; and more.

Dr. Karl Malcolm shares the study he referenced in this episode: Penile density and globally used chemicals in Canadian and Greenland polar bears