Revisiting a favorite fishing spot that you haven’t been to in awhile can be a fraught experience. What if it’s not as good as you remember? What if some yahoo buddy of yours blew up your spot on social media and everybody and their sister started fishing it? What if the fish are still there, but you can’t remember how to catch them?

So, should we leave favorite fisheries in the gilded haze of memory? Hell no. We should pack up the boat with our best buddies and too much fishing gear and make new memories.

In this episode, the penultimate edition of the first season, Das Boat gets a major upgrade that’s been a long time coming, courtesy of Frank Smethurst and Mustache Rob. These old friends retrace their stomping grounds on the Savannah River in Augusta, Georgia. They get after all kinds of bass, including one that makes a homecoming pilgrimage to this river—stripers.