Most great cities are situated around water. But urban landscapes aren’t what most of us think about when we imagine great fishing trips. Cities have a history of polluting their adjacent waterways, but many American population centers have worked hard over the past generation to clean up their water. The assumption that all, or even most, urban fisheries are foul and unworthy of an angler’s time is outdated and inaccurate.

In episode two, Das Boat explores the river that runs right through the middle of Austin, Texas: the Lower Colorado. Austin-based fishing guide and personality Alvin Dedeaux teams up with Jesse Griffiths, owner of Dai Due Butchery and Supper Club in Austin. Jesse knows more about wild meats than just about anybody we know and occasionally sits in on the MeatEater Podcast. Jesse and Alvin spend a day fishing for native Guadalupe bass and other species while testing Das Boat’s capacity to navigate a shallow river. They challenge some of the stereotypes about city water, bass fishing, and eating gar.