In our recent Braising 101 article, we talked about how to turn any tough piece of meat into something tender and delicious. If you’re ready to put this technique to the test, check out some of our favorite recipes for braised wild game.

Balsamic-Braised Venison
This recipe is a crowd-pleaser that’s easy to make with any tough cut of meat. I make it with venison often, but it’s also great with Canada goose thighs.

Moroccan Braised Rabbit
This is the best recipe I’ve ever made with cottontails. The spices, tomatoes, and dried fruit create a delicious and complex flavor. Some ingredients might be hard to track down, but I can assure you it’s well worth the effort.

Venison Vindaloo
For a unique spin on a classic Indian dish, check out our version of vindaloo. Instead of slowly braising the shoulder in an oven, this recipe calls for a pellet grill, which adds smoky flavors to the meat.

Jackrabbit Bourguignon
The poor jackrabbit receives a lot of negative criticism. I’ll admit that its meat takes time to break down, but once it does, you’ll be surprised by how delicious it is. Try it in this classic French recipe and you won’t be disappointed.

Bone-In Venison Blade Roast
This easy crockpot recipe is perfect for turning tough deer shoulders into beautiful pulled meat.

Venison Neck Ragu
Make this hearty, Italian meat-based sauce using a neck roast. You can keep the flesh attached to the bone, cut it off, or substitute with a large roast from the hindquarter instead.