Video: River Otter and Snapping Turtle Fight to the Death

If the video doesn't play on site, follow this link.

This week’s viral video comes from Wisconsin. The encounter reminds us of a recent video out of Tennessee where a black bear and feral hog fight to the death. And the cameraperson’s composure is rivaled only by the woman who captured a bald eagle drown a whitetail fawn behind her lake house.

In this battle of aquatic badasses, which strong-jawed critter would win in a fight to the death? I honestly expected a better match, but shouldn’t underestimate the teeth and grace of an otter. It was all over when the snapper got high centered and then exposed its vulnerable plastron.

And yes, those spaghetti noodles the otter slurps at the end are indeed the turtle’s intestines. Nature really is metal.

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