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Ep. 270: Nature is Metal is Metal

Ep. 270: Nature is Metal is Metal

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Topics discussed: An alternate explication of "Arkansasing"; Steve's opinion that the 1980s is too recent a decade from which to pluck pop culture references; cleaning up in your shrimp pot; what happens, physiologically, when an animal freezes to death and can you eat it?; and what about by electrocution?; when lighting strikes cattle; how Jani narrowly escaped death from a mountain lion; potential lead poisoning from getting shot; a porcupine atop a huge pile of bones; Steve's first date with his wife at the La Brea Tar Pits in LA; when deer eat folks; can animals really do "bad" things?; the birth of Nature is Metal; a woodpecker hammering away at a baby dove; when Joe Rogan and Justin Bieber repost from Nature is Metal; something being too much vs. educational; Steve as the first person ever to have drunk kombucha; and more.

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