Introducing the MeatEater Hunting Scandal Assessment Chart

Introducing the MeatEater Hunting Scandal Assessment Chart

It seems that every couple months the animal rights activists of America rain hell down on some unfortunate hunter over perceived wrongness of a kill. As an editorial team we often have a difficult time finding the right way to respond to these blow ups. So, we decided to create this form as a way to separate the bullshit from actual hunter wrongdoing. Please feel free to print this out and use with your friends the next time some movie star declares a social media crusade against one of us.

MeatEater Scandal Assessment Chart

Our right to hunt depends on the good will of the American voting public. So, next time you have your finger on the trigger, it might help to run through a quick checklist. If it’s walking on two legs, if it’s wearing a name tag or suspenders, think twice before shooting it.

Click here to download and print this chart for use in any sticky situation. 

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