Video: Clay Newcomb's Saddle Hunting Tips

Here are a few tricks that help me make the most of my Tethrd system in the whitetail woods. By double tethering yourself in with Phantom Tree Saddle Kit and properly positioning your Predator Platform Kit, you'll be set to hang for a while and wait for the big buck to stroll on by.


Phantom Tree Saddle Kit
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If you are looking for a nimble and effective way to hunt deer this fall, the Phantom Saddle Kit is the ticket!
Predator Platform
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The Predator allows you to shoot 360 degrees around any tree, with maximum comfort and ease. It does that without unnecessary weight and bulk.
C1 Carbon Fiber Sticks
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Timber Ninja Outdoors
The C1 Carbon Fiber Stick is one of the lightest, quietest, and solid stacking products on the market.
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