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Ep. 6: Remi Warren

Ep. 6: Remi Warren

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Remi Warren is a badass. I know that's a term thrown around fairly liberally nowadays, but in Remi's case it's more than accurate.

He has weirdly pure instincts, a unique way of pursuing game that makes him as much of a professional as I've ever seen. It almost seems like he can make any shot, climb any mountain or take off by himself and come back with the biggest buck in the valley. Not to heap too much praise on him, but it's damn true. He's spent up to 300 days in the field in one calendar year, been charged by a bear, and guided hundreds of clients in Montana and beyond. He's walked me into the dirt a few times. Remi is also part of a new generation of hunting content creators and voices leading the charge in our industry. In this podcast we covered his upcoming nuptials, the great lost episode of 2018, whether men want their wives to hunt, social media's purpose, answer some tough questions, drink some beers and tell some hunting stories. Hope you enjoy.



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