MeatEater Season 7: Steve and Remi Hunt Late Season Montana Bulls

On this hunt, Steve teams up with friend and hunting guide Remi Warren for a late-season quest for bull elk in Montana. They’re both carrying tags but finding a bull in the steep, snow-covered mountains of western Montana isn’t going to be easy. They’ll have to put in some long days and a lot of miles in rough country. But the elk are there and with some hard work, the two hunters eventually find what they’re looking for. And in the end, some slow-cooked elk shank stew awaits the cold, hungry hunters.

Gear Used on this Hunt:

Fluorescent Orange: Orange Aglow

Game Bags: T.A.G. bags


Specialty Gear:

Paracord: Paracord has a million uses. Tying off a bull elk to prevent it from sliding down the mountain is only one of them.


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