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Remi Warren

Remi Warren has been hunting his entire life and is passionate about sharing his knowledge and adventures with others. When not guiding or filming, Remi works as a field editor for Western Hunter Magazine, co-hosts Solo Hunter TV, and is the host of the Cutting the Distance podcast.



    Ep. 43: Remi Warren’s Pack Dump: How Much Gear is Too Much?

    Ep. 42: Giant Thorns, Eating Succulents, Being Bushy, and Essential Survival Skills for Hunters

    Ep. 41: Answering Your Questions, Part 6

    Ep. 40: Guiding a Hunter to a Trophy Montana Whitetail and Perfecting the Process of Exploring New Country

    Ep. 39: The Research that Killed a Giant Buck and How to Hunt from Home

    Ep. 38: Shooting Giraffes with Paintballs and How to Avoid Ticks and the Diseases they Carry

    Ep. 37: Don’t Count on Luck, Persistence is the Secret to Success

    Ep. 36: When Thermals Go Wrong and How to Beat the Wind

    Ep. 35: Answering Your Questions, Part 5

    Ep. 34: Calling Bears in New Mexico and Essential Tactics for Filling Your Spring Tag