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Remi Warren

Remi Warren has been hunting his entire life and is passionate about sharing his knowledge and adventures with others. When not guiding or filming, Remi works as a field editor for Western Hunter Magazine, co-hosts Solo Hunter TV, and is the host of the Cutting the Distance podcast.



    Ep. 30: Afognak Ruins Remi’s Gut and Everything You Need to Know About Water Purification

    Ep. 29: An Impossible Blood Trail and Essential Skills After the Shot

    Ep. 28: A Tough Shot in New Zealand and Perfecting Your Shot Placement

    Ep. 27: Answering Your Questions, Part 3

    Ep. 26: My First Archery Columbia Blacktail and Mastering the Art of Still Hunting

    Ep. 25: Practicing on Small Game and All About Arrows

    Ep. 24: Remi’s Wife’s First Hunt and Valuable Tips for New Hunters

    Ep. 23: Remi’s First Nevada Bighorn Sheep Tag and How to Win Application Season

    Ep. 22: New Year’s Resolutions to Make You a Better Hunter

    Ep. 21: Reading a Mallard’s Mind and Finding Late Season Duck Success