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Ep. 326: Cuddle the Scimitar

Ep. 326: Cuddle the Scimitar

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Topics discussed: The Sahara in Texas at the Bamberger Ranch; rewilding; the time when Steve cuddled a scimitar calf; protective mommas; bison from the Bronx; how you use the horns; the high fecundity of scimitar horned oryx; artificial insemination of cheetahs; fake wooly mammoths; when the natural range of a species is in a failed state; less hump, more rump; the market for scimitar horned oryx supporting the conservation and perpetuation of the species; individual animal experiences vs. population level experiences; the lug nut litmus test; the goal of establishing stable heards back in the Sahara; when does Texas become Africa?; animal diseases; liability; dinosaur footprints and fossils; and more.


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