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Ep. 242: Steep Dark Timber

Ep. 242: Steep Dark Timber

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Topics discussed: The time when Chester the Molester got credit for writing a Tyler Childers’ song; catch-and-release for stocker trout; Steve dropping Bible knowledge about the how the Bible condemns people who shit out in the woods without burying it; chewin’ Grizz and spittin’ in cups; python oil; a perfect compliment sandwich; getting suspended from school because you have a BB gun in your bedroom; the plot thickens on squirrels biting off nuts, but now it’s about rabbits; mountain man Osborne Russel’s journal as a must-read about the Wild West; a tarpon scale guitar pick; air dropping fish from planes into high country lakes; “hey, boom!” vs. wing shooting; instinctively not believing your child; Brody’s super fast bear hunt; the full stadium/hog nut dip strategy; Jani’s elk hunt with Jason Phelps; Steve accompanying with sad guitar; the premier of “Black Powder Soul”; and more.

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