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Ep. 235: Sex, Guns, and Bluegrass with Dave Simonett

Ep. 235: Sex, Guns, and Bluegrass with Dave Simonett

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Topics discussed: An elderly woman’s plea to American men: carry heavy shit and buy a tool kit; hound dog training with live vs. dead raccoons; Dave's first fly fishing experience with the MeatEater crew; Steve is forced to reckon with a stand-up paddleboard; the proper way to grill trout in a campground; Dave’s adult onset pheasant hunting; unleashing the word “poverty”; does bluegrass have too many notes?; art and creation as something not to be defined and categorized; needing nature to write music and songs growing out of the dirt; the intersection between the music world and the hunting world; Steve's ladder rule on trapping, hunting, and fishing; Dave doing his online gun safety course in the green room; imposing your will on your garden; and more.


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