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Ep. 234: Deep Drop Boyz

Ep. 234: Deep Drop Boyz

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Steven Rinella talks with Miles Nolte, Joe Cermele, Rick Smith, Corinne Schneider, and Janis Putelis.

Topics discussed: Jani’s school report on Hobo the linx; how Joe moved across the river for the tax break; the name origin of MeatEater’s new fishing podcast, Bent; Covid hair like Kenny Loggins; the Ghostbusters theme song sound effects; how the super zoom fluke lure has vastly improved Jani’s fishing abilities; how the production of strawberries inspire deep passions; a perfect degree of lustiness; Rick’s as an absolutely terrible angler; the logo Steve wants to commission for Rick; primordial muck; glow in the dark this and that; deep dropping with a bespoke reel; disagreements about what the pinnacle of fishing is; sea cucumbers as the gateway to sea diving: and more.


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