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Ep. 140: Getting The Most Of It

Ep. 140: Getting The Most Of It

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Bozeman, MT- Steven Rinella talks with wild game experts Danielle Prewett and Eduardo Garcia, along with Chris “Ridge Pounder” Gill, Seth Morris, and Janis Putelis of the MeatEater crew.

Subjects Discussed: a dude named Keith grinds an axe; souped-up weasels; capitalizing on Doug Duren's urine and Dirt's chew spit; letting Mother Nature take over; unseasoned meat as seeing someone naked for the first time; everything about cooking tongues; to sous vide or not to sous vide; fish thawing 101; Steve's trifecta of wild game ingredients that need to come from young critters; Pennsylvania meat hunters; the standardization of commercial meat production; Jenny Long Muzzle and whether to target animals by age; and more.

For more on the ideas and materials referenced in this episode, head on over to the MeatEater website here.


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