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Ep. 20: From the Earth - Civilization, Humans, and Whitetails

Ep. 20: From the Earth - Civilization, Humans, and Whitetails

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On this episode of the Bear Grease Podcast, we’re going to the very footing of natural systems and human existence. Empires have risen and fallen because of soil health and the equalizing grasp of the topic at hand is inescapable from both the wealthy and impoverished people. We’ll be discussing the bewildering complexity of the soil and our connection to it. We’ll nerd out with Clay Newcomb's old soil science professor, Dr. David Miller exploring soil uniqueness. We’ll also talk with Dr. Grant Woods and learn how he transformed a degraded Ozark cattle farm into a whitetail paradise through building soils. And we’ll talk with an Arkansas farmer, Terrell Spencer of Across The Creek Farm who was inspired to live close the land because of what he saw in the Middle East. Understanding soils will upgrade as woodsmen as we’ll understand more about the heartbeat of wild places.

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