MeatEater Has a New Whitetail Hunting Show!

MeatEater Has a New Whitetail Hunting Show!

Whitetails are pursued by more hunters and found across a wider swath of America than any other large mammal, which is why this past season Mark Kenyon set out for the ultimate whitetail tour and education. He traveled the country in 2021 on a mission to meet the most unique characters that hunt whitetails and explore the wildly different terrains that these deer call home.

From urban hunting to boating for bucks, Mark visits six different regions of deer country that demand vastly different styles of hunting. He first gets a 24-hour crash course education from a local expert on their unique approach to hunting the area before setting out on his own to try and pull it off alone in this brand new country in just three short days.

Click here to check out the first episode of Deer Country now!

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