Announcing New Whitetail EDU Video Series

What do deer eat, and when?

How do mature bucks travel across the landscape?

What is the most important calling sequence for luring in big deer?

These questions, and many more, are about to be addressed by our resident whitetail geeks, Mark Kenyon and Tony Peterson. The launch of this new Whitetail EDU is an attempt to take the unknowns and make them known through a fun and educational video series. Throughout the next several weeks of the pre-season, they’ll drop videos on the MeatEater Clips YouTube Channel, which are designed to help hunters across the whitetail’s range figure out how to get closer to their favorite quarry.

This project is the result of cumulative interactions with the Wired to Hunt audience over several years. Kenyon and Peterson noticed that while the seasons change, the big questions often don’t. They extend beyond localities, hunting style, weapon choice, and just about everything that makes hunters different from one another.

Each video topic transcends regions and personal beliefs about whitetail behavior to cut straight to the core of foundational hunting knowledge and skills. Through an easy-to-follow style, Whitetail EDU takes viewers on a journey to become better at whitetail hunting, no matter where they live or what their dedication level is. Whether you’re a fresh-off-the-bench rookie or a seasoned veteran with multiple big deer under your belt, Kenyon and Peterson’s advice throughout this series will help you level up your whitetail game this season.

Check the first video out, right here.

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