Video: How to Debone a Duck

Deboning ducks is a smart way to fit more meat in your cooler for travel. It's also easier and quicker than you might think.

You're required to leave an identifying feature like the head or wings attached to the body for travelling across state lines, so make sure to keep that in mind before you begin.

After first plucking your bird, clip off the wings and feet. Next, make an incision at the back of the neck and follow down along the backbone. Carefully pull the skin away to reveal the wing and hip joints until you can cut through them or pop the out. Keep rotating the duck and continue your cut to free the breasts and tenderloins from the ribcage, sternum, and collarbone.

Be sure to leave the skin at the neck attached to the head. Then you can place the tenderloins, gizzard, and heart into the duck, fold it up meat to meat, and you're ready to catch your flight home.

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