The First Lite Waterfowl Collection is Available Now!

Last season, I got to do more than just hunt a lot of ducks. I ran the new First Lite Waterfowl gear through the absolute ringer. From the salty mud of The Great Salt Lake to the snow goose-filled corn fields of South Dakota, we used and tested every feature and product. In this video, First Lite's Waterfowl Category Manager Logan Williamson and I do a deep dive into the Landing Zone Jacket, Refuge Parka, Refuge Bib, Refuge Muff, and Ground Control Pack. From technical information about insulation to features like the casting stripe, we explore exactly what makes each of these pieces such great duck hunting gear.

Click here to check out First Lite's new line of waterfowl gear, and here to see it in action in the new season of Duck Lore.

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