The First Lite Waterfowl Collection is Available Now!

Last season, I got to do more than just hunt a lot of ducks. I ran the new First Lite Waterfowl gear through the absolute ringer. From the salty mud of The Great Salt Lake to the snow goose-filled corn fields of South Dakota, we used and tested every feature and product. In this video, First Lite's Waterfowl Category Manager Logan Williamson and I do a deep dive into the Landing Zone Jacket, Refuge Parka, Refuge Bib, Refuge Muff, and Ground Control Pack. From technical information about insulation to features like the casting stripe, we explore exactly what makes each of these pieces such great duck hunting gear.

Click here to check out First Lite's new line of waterfowl gear, and here to see it in action in the new season of Duck Lore.


LZ Jacket
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First Lite

A full-season waterproof Waterfowl jacket designed to fit over varying degrees of insulating layers to keep you warm down to 30°F. The LZ is patterned for wing-shooting with heavily articulated arms and specialty pocketing optimized for security and quick access to essential gear.

Refuge Bib
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First Lite

A Waterfowl bib built for performance in the extreme cold of late season field hunting with a robust insulation package, durable waterproof/windproof fabrication, and an extensive feature set optimized for pit and layout blinds.

Omen Stormshelter Pant
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First Lite

When the forecast is grim and unpredictable at best, but you still have a tag in hand, the Omen Stormshelter is a foul weather stronghold that you can trust. Built to be uncompromising in weather resistance and durability, the Omen system is the solution for mid to late-season hunts when persistent varying precipitation, wind, and low temps are the only guarantee. 

Origin Hoody
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First Lite

A lightweight, quiet mid-layer designed to be utilized as both an outerwear piece as well as a layering option as temperatures drop.

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