Cerca™: The Latest Innovation from First Lite is Now Available!

First Lite has created the ultimate disruptive camouflage pattern for the dedicated western big game hunter: Cerca™.

Cerca™ does not make the wearer look like a tree or rock—it makes them look like nothing at all. With stark colors found in arid and rocky environments, Cerca™ is at home in the sagebrush steppe, the alpine tundra, and everything in between.

cerca 1

Conventional mimicry patterns attempt to make the wearer look like elements of their environment. These common “sticks and leaves” designs look good to the human eye on the shelf. However, when viewed at any realistic distance, these overly complex patterns solidify into a coherent shape, making the wearer more obvious to game.

Instead, Cerca™ uses optic field disruption to maximize concealment. Emulating the dramatic stripes of wild predators, it utilizes a limited palate of strongly contrasting tones and bold structure to break up a hunter’s outline.

cerca 2

Cerca™ takes advantage of the deficiencies in ungulate vision to break up a hunter’s silhouette. So, how does this camo pattern achieve this level of ultimate concealment?

The arid color pattern of Cerca™ appeals to the limited palette of colors found in arid and rocky environments, making it ideal for sparse habitats with minimal cover. Large-scale crackleture is a simple but dramatic structure that eliminates the noise of conventional mimicry camouflages, preventing “blobbing” at realistic distances. With high-contrasting tones, the juxtaposition of light and dark colors breaks up the human form, confusing the vision of game animals. Lastly, the addition of a third color between the light base and the dark, large-scale crackleture creates additional depth and dimension, further disrupting an ungulate’s ability to detect a human threat.

cerca 3

When a half-second of confusion makes the difference between a good story and a punched tag, reach for the new Cerca™ Camo. To shop First Lite gear now available in the Cerca™ pattern, click here.

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