Behind the Scenes of MeatEater Season 10, Part 2

Behind the Scenes of MeatEater Season 10, Part 2

MeatEater Season 10, Part 2 is live on Netflix right now. Here's a look from behind the lens at our most recent season.

BTS S10P2 1 We found out that wahoo have some crazy sharp teeth. The skirt on the jig Cal is holding got bit off by an ono and it looks like someone cut it with a razor blade.

BTS S10P2 2 While filming the scene in Hawaii where Steve, Cal, and Danny were butchering the wahoo, we had to stop filming a few times because this turkey wouldn't stop gobbling in the background.

BTS S10P2 3 Kimi’s husband, Justin, shot all the underwater footage for the spearfishing episode. This is Justin showing us a really wild recording he captured of Steve, Cal, and Kimi.

BTS S10P2 4 Being in the water chasing after fish for several hours can be exhausting. Here’s Steve demonstrating just how whooped he was.

BTS S10P2 5 During the ibex hunt in New Mexico, the crew had a bench press competition while waiting for some food to cook. Here is Steve trying to beat Chester. Steve lost.

BTS S10P2 6 Ibex are small critters and can be hard to find while glassing from long distances. The crew was lined up and burning their eyeballs out looking for the little goats in the cliffs of the Florida Mountains.

BTS S10P2 7 Robert Abernethy is exceptionally good at pinpointing where he heard a turkey gobble. Here’s Robert waiting for the day's first thunder in the pre-dawn light.

BTS S10P2 8 Robert goes through the crop of every turkey that he harvests to see what the bird was eating. It can be surprising what he finds.

BTS S10P2 9 We brought one of those dome mics like you see on the sidelines of an NFL game to record elk bugles during the New Mexico elk hunt with Jason Phelps. Pictured here is Chester Floyd, our wilderness production assistant, capturing audio of bulls ripping off in the distance.

BTS S10P2 10 It was really hot out when we were hunting in New Mexico. The mercury read around 90 degrees the day Steve shot his bull, which meant the decay clock started ticking as soon as the animal hit the ground. It was all hands on deck to get the meat back to town to cool off. Here is the crew unloading at the local meat locker.

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