Behind the Scenes of MeatEater Season 10

Behind the Scenes of MeatEater Season 10

MeatEater Season 10, Part 1 is live on Netflix right now. So much goes into each 20-minute episode, but we can’t show you everything from every adventure. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at what you might have missed.

BTS10-1From Episode 1. Hunting clothes drying out on Luke Combs' tour bus after a morning hunt at antelope camp. That's a big, fancy, expensive clothesline.

BTS10-2From Episode 1. Dan Isbell is one hell of a storyteller, and he told a lot of stories at antelope camp. Here's the group gathered around listening to one of Dan's hilarious tales.

BTS10-3From Episode 2. Here's the crew trying to figure out how to get up this frozen waterfall during a stalk on the mountain goat hunt. It was our only way of approach to stay unseen while we closed the distance. In case you were wondering, we eventually made it up.

BTS10-4From Episode 3. During a midday break in Texas, we came across this racoon looking for some food and had to get a closer look to see what it was feeding on.

BTS10-5From Episode 3. Clay Newcomb showing off what a clean deer carcass should look like.

BTS10-6From Episode 4. The crew gathered around the table, listening to stories from a long day of flintlock hunting in Pennsylvania.

BTS10-7From Episode 5. This is the reason why the old saying “stubborn as a mule” exists. Here's Clay attempting to load mules during the hunt in Arkansas.

BTS10-8From Episode 5. Here's Janis and Steve taking a break during a squirrel hunt on an old abandoned couch in the middle of the Arkansas mountains. We're pretty sure Clay's ancestors put it there.

BTS10-09From Episode 5. Not often do you see a load of mules going through a coffee shop drive-through.

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