Video: Clay Newcomb's 3 Essential Knives

There are three knives I use for the vast majority of my hunting purposes. I'm not making this up to be cute; these are just the blades that have found their way into a consistent rotation.

The first is my utility rig, the Benchmade Pardue Hunter. It's a sheath knife that lives on my hip and gets involved with any number of rough tasks.

The second is the Benchmade Steep Country. Unlike the former, this knife lives in my backpack and only finds use for one purpose: skinning and cleaning deer. I like to keep it wickedly sharp and the blade in primo condition.

Finally, there's the butchering knife. I use the Benchmade Essential MeatCrafter for deboning deer quarters, parting out the muscles, and cutting those into steaks and roasts. It's a great all-around blade for processing and cooking.

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