Video: Clay Newcomb's Squirrel Hunting Kit

Video: Clay Newcomb's Squirrel Hunting Kit

Steve, Janis, and I hit the Arkansas woods to hunt squirrels during Episode 5 of MeatEater Season 10. As you might have seen, it took us a while to find some success. Squirrel hunting is difficult even when you are fully prepared. Don't make it harder on yourself by skipping this essential gear.

My squirrel hunting firearm of choice is a 20 gauge. I've shot the Weatherby Element for the last year and enjoy the light weight and recoil of this gun.

Hunting with dogs demands even more tools. I use the YETI LoadOut GoBox for keeping all my dog tracking equipment and some extra leashes organized and easy to locate in my truck.

The First Lite Sawbuck pant is awesome for walking around in the woods looking for squirrels. The extra panel in the front provides a layer of protection while actively hunting or riding mules through gnarly terrain.

My personalized FHF Gear chest rig holds all of my critical smaller gear and extra ammo that is easily accessed on my chest.

I also like to keep a soft cooler in my truck to stash squirrels throughout the day. This way they stay cold so I can quickly skin them using the "Batesville Method" at the end of the day.

I bring a lot of tools with me on squirrel hunts, and every piece of equipment has an important purpose. You can check them all out in this video. To view the full gear list we used in this episode, click here.

To watch the episode on Netflix, click here.

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