Video: Angler Finds Giant Mule Deer Dead in River

Matt Keller, founder of Old Hat Outdoors, mostly posts videos of ice fishing and fly fishing this time of year. Last week was an exception.

“My intent was to film a sweet brown trout video,” Keller said. “That didn’t happen. In fact, the fishing sucked.”

Rather than a big brown, Keller found a giant muley. The deer had long been expired and hidden under a brush pile created by its own antlers. Although he couldn’t haul out the deer that afternoon, he returned the next day with a saw to finish the job. (We sure wish he would have taken the whole skull, though.)

Like many big bucks that live close to humans, this deer was a local legend. About a half dozen people told Keller they’ve been following the muley for years, collecting its sheds and building an inventory of videos and images. Purchase offers are already rolling in, but Keller said he’s not interested in selling right now.

“The trophy has nothing to do with the antlers or skull to us,” Keller commented. “The value was in the experience and we wouldn’t change a thing.”

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